September 2020 News

September 2020 newsletter with links on DRL and AI scaling, psychiatric disorders; no reviews.

This is the September 2020 edition of the newsletter; previous, August 2020 (archives). This is a summary of the revision-history RSS feed, overlapping with my Changelog & /r/gwern; brought to you by my donors on Patreon.

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  • dark mode image handling fixed (images are inverted based on automated heuristic + manual tagging); annotations can now be ‘definitions’ (popup annotations for non-link text); expanded tooltips as fallback for link annotations; bolded abstracts & revised list hierarchy to use bold; changed all dates to YYYY-MM-DD for consistency; added missing link icons for >7 domains, fixed spacing & overlapping, and harmonized opacity of all link icons; Pandoc now uses MathJax directly, enabling colored equations; internal links to a previous or later section now point up or down (respectively) as a navigation aid; experimental use of prefetching; custom asterism instead of horizontal ruler; simplified mobile appearance; miscellaneous bug fixes (assisted by new test/demo page)

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2.1 AI

Matters Of Scale:


Everything Is Heritable:

Recent Evolution: