February 2021 Gwern.net Newsletter

links on AI scaling, semaglutide, and ethicist ethics

February 2021’s Gwern.net newsletter is now out; previous, January 2021 (archives). This is a summary of the revision-history RSS feed, overlapping with my Changelog & /r/gwern; brought to you by my donors on Patreon.

1 Writings

  • Gwern.net: popups: can now be moved, stickied, and full-screened (another step towards our ambition of Windows-95-in-the-browser!)

2 Links

2.1 AI

Matters Of Scale:

2.2 Genetics

Everything Is Heritable:

Recent Evolution:


2.3 Statistics/Meta-Science

2.4 Politics/Religion

2.5 Psychology/Biology

2.6 Technology

2.7 Economics

2.8 Philosophy

2.9 Fiction

2.10 Miscellaneous